The natural mineral water VODAVODA emerges from a thousand-year-old spring of Banja Vrujci, tucked away at the foot of Suvobor mountain and the Toplica river valley in northwestern Serbia.

Vrujci Spa– home to our water
In 1935, due to the beneficial characteristics of thermomineral water, Vrujici Spa was turned into a public health resort. Untouched nature and hydrogeologically favorable terrain provide water of the highest quality according to the international standards.

  • Water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It has beneficial effects on rheumatism, gynecological, skin and eye diseases, anemia, kidney and urinary trackt stones.
  • This is the most abundant source in Serbia with 300 liters per second.

How is VODAVODA created

Road to the bottle - Road to you - VODAVODA is one of the finest natural mineral artesian waters in the world.
Its journey begins from the depth of 605 meters, among the impenetrable Earth’s layers.

Designed by nature

On the way to the surface, it naturally filters by passing trough impermeable rocks and limestones, while taking minerals and electrolytes from the soil.
At the end of its natural journey, VODAVODA erupts under pressure to the surface, and then, intact and pristine, it is filled into bottles without being processed.

Quality and advantages

Thanks to its ingredients, VODAVODA has favorable health effects for all age groups. Due to its balanced mineral composition, it can be consumed in unlimited quantities, and it is also recommended for children of all ages.

Why choose VODAVODA

  • It has an antioxidant effect on cells.
  • It maintains mineral balance of the body.
  • It is recommended for prevention of osteoporosis.
  • It helps the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.