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"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

Vincent Van Gogh



 When stress becomes the norm and tranquility the exception; when answers elude us and questions abound; when doubts grow loud and support remains silent; when decisive steps are needed, and we feel we cannot do it alone – nature takes our hand and gives us a boost. When patience is required, and we desire everything instantly – JUST LOOK AT WHAT NATURE HAS BEEN DOING FOR 3.8 BILLION YEARS. For thousands of years, nature has been creating VODAVODA. Patiently and carefully, it hides it in the deep layers of the earth, enriching it with all essential minerals. Superior quality and refined packaging design make VODAVODA the best choice among bottled waters in Serbia. 

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Hidden at a depth of 605 meters, VODAVODA collects all the minerals necessary for our health and better life. In addition to its basic and most important function – hydration, water also positively influences our energy levels and is one of the essential micronutrients, whose quality helps maintain a healthy metabolism on a daily basis. 




Water is life. Throughout life, we sometimes float calmly, navigate seas of challenges, sometimes waves hit us, and the rain doesn't stop. There are days when we are light as clouds and strong as a mountain river. Whether we float on the surface or dive into the depths, VODAVODA strengthens our body and gives us the strength for new challenges. VODAVODA revitalizes our body and gives us strength for new challenges; it influences our mind – sharpens focus, improves concentration, mood, and the quality of everyday life. It inspires us to believe that perfection exists and that beauty springs forth everywhere around us. 

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Nature is the greatest innovator. There are about 8.7 million living species on the planet, including more than 60,000 species of trees, more than 35,000 species of fish and more than 11,000 species of birds. Each species is unique and unrepeatable, just like every mineral in the composition of VODAVODA. The ingenious nature has created VODAVODA which nourishes each of our cells and brings enjoyment to the diversity of life. From the unspoilt nature of the Vrujci spa to our homes and distant places around the world, VODAVODA arrives in its original state.


Quality Certificate of Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade
Independent clinical study of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade
NFS Certificate ranks it among the highest quality waters in the world
German Institut Fresenius Quality Certificate


Quality Certificate of Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade



Hidden at a depth of 605m, VODAVODA is a true gift of nature. From the untouched nature of Banja Vrujci, to our homes and distant places around the world, comes completely natural water that conquers the hearts of consumers. When we open a bottle of VODAVODA, whether in Serbia or anywhere else in the world, our lips come into contact with something nature created thousands of years ago for the first time. Its constant interaction with the rocks from which it takes the best, makes VODAVODA one of the highest qualities, naturally mineral artesian waters, preserving its exceptional composition without contact with the outside world. From ancient times, when legends and myths spread the story of the healing properties of water from the Banja Vrujci spring, to today, when it conquers the world, VODAVODA continues to inspire. Its natural vitality, consistent quality, and powerful composition, packaged in recognizable, elegant packaging, accompany our small and big steps. Whether we enjoy it with family, celebrate significant life events, take a break from work, or rest from training, it gives us strength and energy. Relevant quality certification organizations have confirmed what nature already knows – the excellence of VODAVODA. We proudly emphasize that it is one of the few certified by the global NSF organization, according to the regulations of leading American and global institutions such as the FDA, IPA, and the World Health Organization.

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

Vincent Van Gogh