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"Healthy Child" TV Show

The "Healthy Child" TV show, where VODAVODA appears as the general sponsor, has been broadcast on the highest-ranked children's channel Pikaboo TV since May 17. In the show, Dr. FeelGood, a TV personality, together with the little ones, exercises, prepares healthy meals, talks to them and teaches them about health and healthy habits through fun games and activities. Here you can find out how children prepare for football, tennis, basketball and other trainings, methods and ingredients for healthy breakfasts, snacks, dinners and whether there is such a thing as healthy candies? Apart from children and Dr. FeelGood, our heroes from the VODAVODA Vodica bottles - Milena the Mermaid and Croco Loco, who play, learn and train together with the kids, also appear in the show.
Below you can see a bit of the atmosphere during a shooting:

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

Vincent Van Gogh